Cole Clark Guitars combine classical construction with innovative design, sustainably sourced woods and the world’s most natural sounding pickup to produce a stronger, lighter, unique instrument for the modern acoustic player.


Company Name: Australian Native Musical Instruments Pty Ltd.
Brand: Cole Clark Guitars.
Registered: August 2001
CEO: Miles Jackson
Employees: 73
Distribution: 32 export countries and domestic retail.
Core Business: Manufacturing of acoustic guitars, electric bass guitars and lap steel guitars in Australia.
Sales Method: Sales through retail stores and distributor network.
Major International Suppliers: Graph Tech, Grover, Lollar, Aguilar.


Cole Clark acoustic guitars are the only mainstream steel string acoustic to use a Spanish heel or integral neck construction. This means the neck is glued to the face along with the sides and back, meaning the neck is one piece all the way to the sound hole. On other guitars, the body is made, then the neck is attached, mostly with a bolt or dove tail join. The integral neck construction is essential for our advanced pickup technology and gives our guitars a unique character. Cole Clark guitars also have carved tops and backs and uses a ridge system to join the sides to the top and back instead of kerfing.


The Cole Clark 3 way PG3 pickup system is the most acoustic sounding pickup available.
Aimed at finding a more natural tone when amplified and eliminating piezo ‘quack’, our pickup comprises 3 different elements that only hear frequencies they’re best equipped to handle. This is done using a combination of 6 loaded piezos under the saddle for bottom end, a face sensor that can be blended in to hear frequencies in the mid to high range (350hz maximum crossover) and a condenser microphone shelved to hear only extreme highs. For a detailed description of our pre-amp, check out our pickups page.


Cole Clark guitars are all solid timber, made using mostly native Australian tone woods. We are the most sustainable guitars company on Earth with 98% of our guitars containing no endangered timber. Take a look at a detailed list of our timbers and read about our sustainability mission in our environmental statement.


– Cole Clark founded by Bradley Clark and Adam Cole with the mission to create a Spanish heel, through neck acoustic guitar with the world’s best pickup.
– Investor shareholders fund the business including Miles Jackson, Bill Pizzy and Paul Dutton.
– Purchase 2 x 5 Axis CNC Router, sanders, band saws, compressors, climate control, forklift, wood drying kilns, paint booth.

– Release ‘Mistress’, ‘Guardian’ and ‘Culprit’ electric guitar models.

– Karl Krauss joins Cole Clark (Operations manager)
– Release of ‘Fat Lady’ acoustic guitar (1 and 2 series) and 2 way pickup featuring patented Face Sensor.
– Release of ‘Violap’ and ‘Lapdog’ lapsteels.
– Lloyd Spiegel joins Cole Clark as clinician and product advisor.

– Adam Cole departs Cole Clark.
– Release of 3 series ‘Fat Lady’ models.
– Andy Baraclough joins Cole Clark as research and development manager.
– Export first Cole Clark guitars to USA.

– Release of ‘Ukelady’ concert ukulele.
– Export first Cole Clark guitars to Japan.

– Export first Cole Clark guitars to UK.
– Export first Cole Clark guitars to Canada.

– Release of ‘Jack Tenor’ ukulele.
– Export first Cole Clark guitars to South East Asia.

– Release of ‘Angel’ grand auditorium.

– New bracing system introduced for acoustic ‘Fat Lady’.
– Rob Langley joins Cole Clark as production manager.

– Bradley Clark departs Cole Clark.
– Introduction of the 3 Way pickup system.
– Export first Cole Clark guitars to South Africa through TOMS.

– Ceased production of electric guitars.
– Miles Jackson joins as CEO. (Miles was an original investor).
– Re-spec range making all 2 and 3 series guitars with 3 way pickup as standard and 1 Series with 2 Way pickups.
– Release of non cutaway ‘Angel’ grand auditorium and match feature sets and price points of ‘Angel’ and ‘Fat Lady’ models.
– Release of ‘Angel’ 1 series.

– Adjusted bracing behind the bridge on both acoustic models.
– Release of ‘Hollow Lapdog’ model.
– Introduced Blackwood as a top timber.
– Introduced Huon Pine.
– Export first Cole Clark guitars to France through Saico.
– Export first Cole Clark guitars to Italy through Gold music.
– Major fire. 5 months out of production, new CNC, paint booth, drying kilns, redesign, production flow and quality control.
– Discontinued ukuleles.

– Introduced Redwood Semperivirens and Cedar of Lebanon.
– Export first Cole Clark guitars to Hong Kong through Parson’s Music.
– Recover from fire, rebuild new systems.
– Release of ‘Angel’ 3 series models.
– Change official logo.

– Made headstock fascia standard on all 2 and 3 series guitars.
– Introduced African Mahogany grown in Australia.
– Ishibashi joins Cole Clark as distributor for Japan.
– Best Acoustics joins Cole Clark as distributor for Germany.
– Released AE models. The first Cole Clark guitars made using no endangered timber.
– Introduced Blackbean as sustainable fretboard alternative.

– Introduced big tree Redwood and urban recovery project in Jamieson, Victoria.
– Paul Gale joins Cole Clark as head of special projects in electronics and development.
– Updated to thinner neck profile.

– Release of ‘Little Lady’ mini series.
– Changed to VX bracing.
– Introduced European Maple as a limited run.
– MusicWorks joins Cole Clark as Distributor in New Zealand.
– Introduced Sheoak as fretboard and bridge timber.
– Release of Satin Box fretboard Vegan guitars.
– 94% of annual build are made from 100% sustainable timbers.

– Cole Clark wins ‘Best In Show’ Award at The NAMM Show, California.
– Began ‘Cole Clark Distribution’. Distributed products: Baton Rouge Guitars, La Mancha Guitars, Timber Tone Picks.
– Introduced ‘Long Lady’ Bass models designed by iconic bass maker Neil Kennedy
– KORG USA joins Cole Clark as distributor for North America.
– Music Nova joins Cole Clark as distributor for Switzerland.

– Introduced humbucker dual output models.
– Purchased Lucas Mill to assist in urban recovery.
– Introduced Southern Silky Oak.
– GuitarGuitar stores enter into direct distribution for the UK.

– Re-introduced Violap lapsteel.
– Passed the 45,000 guitars built mark.
– NAMM show release of extended humbucker models – 12 string, Little Lady, 1 series and Lloyd Spiegel signature.
– Andertons and PMT stores enter into direct distribution in the UK.
– Removal of terms Fat Lady, Angel, Little Lady & Long Lady from website, promotions & advertising. Model codes remain the same.

– Release of ‘TL’ Thinline models.
– Second shift starts March 1.
– European Music Imports joins Cole Clark as distributor for much of Europe.
– Pass the 50,000 guitars built mark.

– Release of PG3 Preamp.
– Mastergrade Series added to official models list.