The Cole Clark pickup is not an afterthought installed at the end of the production line. We build our system into the guitar as it goes through production.
The concept behind our pickup is best explained by comparing it to an audio system. A P.A has sub woofers, speakers and horns, each designed to hear a range of frequencies they are best equipped to handle and crossover points for frequencies best heard by the next component. Cole Clark uses the same 3 component philosophy with a piezo system for the bottom end, a patented face sensor for the mid range and a microphone for the top end.

All Cole Clark pickups and preamps are proudly made in Melbourne Australia.

Analogue 3-way system.

Our most popular preamp, the analogue 3-way is the ‘Cole Clark sound’ heard the world over.

The Piezo system utilizes individual piezo elements suspended under the bridge saddle which we believe is the best and most dynamic type of piezo system available.

We know that the face/top is the most important component to the sound of an acoustic guitar, so it makes sense that we utilize that tone when amplifying the guitar. We do this with our unique face sensor which is specifically designed for the mid range. We use a patented blend control which blends in the amount of face sensor required to go with the piezo sound or to completely replace the piezo in the mid range. This goes a long way in removing the ‘piezo quack’, delivering a more natural tone. With a maximum crossover point of 350hz, the face sensor cannot hear any frequency in it’s feedback zone, instead leaving those frequencies to the under saddle piezo.

The third element is a condenser microphone for the top end. This microphine is set well above any feedback zone and is purely there to take the ‘ping’ out of the piezo if there is some piezo blended through at full range.

Analogue 2-way system.

The original Cole Clark preamp is no longer available but is fitted to most Cole Clark models prior to 2012.

The 2-way comprised the under saddle piezo system with the patented face sensor but without the added condensor microphone for the top end.

Digital 3-way system.

Comprising the same controls and concept as the analogue 3-way system, the digital 3-way has the added feature of user programming via an onboard USB.

The digital preamp replicates our analogue preamp and is best suited to lighter players and finger-pickers.

The digital version comes with pre-sets loaded at Cole Clark when the preamps are fitted. The user pre-set can be edited by the individual player to suit their own needs; the Factory pre-set at this stage is only editable by Cole Clark. This is just to ensure that if another owner purchases the guitar, it will always sound like we intended to when it left the factory.

Digital preamp downloads

The User Software

This software has many of the features of the software used by the factory and there is a DP User Software Guide that details how you can edit the User pre-set.

Software Platforms

The User software is in an early stage of development as far as supporting different software platforms, but we didn’t want to hold up its introduction so we have released the Windows version while the software for OSX and other platforms is being developed.

The existing software was written for XP, Win7 through to Win 10 but may run on earlier versions.

Virtual Machines – OSX

At this stage, it is NOT recommended that you run the software on a virtual machine under OSX as we have had a few hiccups usually related to the usage of the USB port when it is being shared. Future versions of the software will be able to run on other platforms; we will release those on our web site as soon as they become available.

User Software Installation

After you have unpacked the zip file, follow the steps below to install the software.

  • Double-click “setup.exe”
  • Click on the “Yes” button when dialog box asks if you are sure that you want the program to make changes to your computer.
  • Click on “OK” if you want to continue with Installation or Exit if you want to cancel.
  • Click on the installation Icon when prompted.
  • It is probably the best option to take default folder offered by install program (Cole Clark) unless you have good reason to install it in another location – it shouldn’t really be an issue where it runs from.
  • You will get a few messages stating that a file is being loaded that is older than the one on your system; click on “Keep” to retain existing file.
  • If you get a message “an error occurred while registering the file “C\Windows\system32\MSHFLXGD.OCX – press “Ignore” program usually runs OK – this has only happened on a few computers running some early versions of Windows.

Difficulties with installation

Any difficulties or comments that you may have with installing the software please contact Please supply the make and model of your computer and the version of Windows that you’re running and we’ll try and sort it out for you.

Instruction Guide

Please read the DP User Software Guide that came with the zip file for information on using the software