Cole Clark releases Humbucker models.

We meet a lot of players who use a soundhole pickup as a second output to get a dirty drive to blend with their Cole Clark acoustic pickup.

They can sound great but the truth is, who solos in the neck position?

On top of it’s positioning, soundhold pickups never sit quite right and can damage your rosette. Furthermore, there are acoustics that do a little electric and electrics that can do a little a little acoustic…… but one is always comprimised.

Enter to Cole Clark Humbucker models!

Available in our BLBL range of 2 series guitars (pictured) , we have correctly placed and braced a Lollar Imperial humbucker as a second output giving you a killer electric tone to combine with our 3 way acoustic pickup.

The 1 series version consists of bunya top and a Korean Alnico Humbucker.

Check out Lloyd Spiegel doing a demo HERE!